Andy warhol soup can

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The fascinating story behind Andy Warhol's soup cans

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Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup, 1968

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Product Features. To celebrate the day of Andy Warhol's birth (he was born this day in ) we thought it would be an opportune moment to look back at the story behind one of his.

Before the end of the year Campbell’s Soup Cans was so on-trend that Manhattan socialites were wearing soup can-printed dresses to high-society events." Many critics mark this first exhibition of Campbell's Soup Cans as the turning point in Warhol's career. Top Rated Plus.

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W Andy Warhol Colored Campbell's Soup Can, Other Mat colors Colored Campbell's Soup Can, c (yellow & blue) Framed Art Print by Andy Warhol 13 x 16in.

by Poster Revolution. $ $ 52 FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Campbell's Soup Can, Set. Campbell's Soup Cans, which is sometimes referred to as 32 Campbell's Soup Cans, is a work of art produced in by Andy Warhol.

It consists of thirty-two canvases, each measuring 20 inches (51 cm) in height × 16 inches (41 cm) in width and each consisting of a painting of a Campbell's Soup can.

Andy warhol soup can
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