How to write a good press release headline rules

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6 AP Style rules for press releases

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Six Tips to Writing Effective Press Release Headlines

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Would this be of interest to anyone else my business?. When they see hype in a press release headline, they usually don't bother reading the rest of the press release. If you write a headline like, "Fantastic new product solves all life's problems," the editor/writer will quickly toss the press release into the trash.

Grab attention with a good headline. The beginning of a press release -- just as with a magazine article, book or promotional pamphlet -- is the most important. A strong headline (and, for that matter, email subject line when you send out the pitch) will pull in journalists seeking good stories.

Jun 13,  · To summarize, here’s what everyone needs to know about writing a press release: Write a short, catchy headline.

Get to the Point –summarize your subject in the first paragraph. Write killer headlines. Most journalists get hundreds of emails every day, so it's a good idea to label emails containing press releases with the phrase "press release" or "story idea".

A great subject line is also a must. But don't try to be clever: most journalists will spend just a few seconds deciding whether something looks interesting.

What we love about this headline: This headline plays off a trending topic (soccer) and features multi-media — a must for nearly every press release nowadays. The Rest of the Story Writing a kick-butt headline is truly one of the. Press releases follow a strict format.

Regardless of your industry or topic, you’ll need to include components like a headline, dateline, and boilerplate. The good news is this makes the writing process a bit more cut and dry.

How to write a good press release headline rules
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The 3 Best Ways to Write a Press Release (with Example)