How to write a news about election in venezuela

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Nearly Half of Venezuelans Expected to Vote for Maduro in Election – Poll

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Share This Story! Maduro is attacking the country's producers and businesses to boost his United Socialist Party of Venezuela for local elections Dec.

Venezuela congress swears in barred opposition MPs

8. Venezuela Is Falling Apart. or both, with some regularity. The news coming from Venezuela—including shortages as well as, Submit a letter to the editor or write to [email protected] Jul 28,  · The United Nations has voiced concern about the risk of further violence in Venezuela as a vote to begin rewriting the constitution looms.

Tear gas, flames and 35 dead as Venezuela crisis flares

It comes as the number of people killed in the anti. Venezuela’s election was a sham ­– neither free nor fair.

Venezuela's leader casts unusual pre-dawn vote in controversial election

The illegitimate result of this fake process is a further blow to the proud democratic tradition of Venezuela.

Venezuela's opposition-controlled congress swears in three of its members suspended for alleged election fraud, in defiance of a supreme court ruling. News BBC News Navigation.

Venezuela election: Mother of seven murdered sons says time for change

Sections. Home. CARACAS – The runner-up in Venezuela’s election, which was extensively condemned by different nations as undemocratic, will formally problem his loss to President Nicolas Maduro after refusing to acknowledge the end result, his marketing campaign stated on Wednesday.

Ballots are counted on a desk at a polling station in the course of the presidential election .

How to write a news about election in venezuela
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Venezuela congress swears in barred opposition MPs - BBC News