How to write a tourist brochure rubric

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Some written work is in pen or university. If you have another common, please speak to the winner first. You will research your assigned biome and create a travel brochure to invite tourists to travel to your biome. The brochure must include at least 4 pictures.

It can be computer generated or hand written. Once your brochure is complete, you will present your biome brochure to the class as a separate TEST grade. In order to attract people to a country, people create travel brochures. Travel brochures are intended to inform you of a country's "highlights." They hope that you will decide to come and visit their country after reading a travel brochure.

You will be in a group of four and together you will create a travel brochure on either China or Japan. Unit of work in Literacy to match our 'Weather around the world&' topic.

In topic lessons the children had their own locality to research (weather, climate, location etc) and then in Literacy they wrote a holiday brochure persuading people to visit their locality. "Travel brochure formats for essays Create a travel brochure fast with Lucidpress using our free travel brochure templates." "Use her clothespin idea to hang from railing" "Templates - Use this for the girls to do some persuasive writing".

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Students will create a travel brochure for a country where Spanish is spoken. This should be a country students would like to visit as a class.

How to write a tourist brochure rubric
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