How to write am and pm in spanish

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Saying the date in Spanish

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How do you say 12:00 pm in Spanish and 12:00 am in Spanish?

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How do you write 11:35 pm in Spanish?

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Feb 02,  · Although 12 o'clock shouldn't be either am or pm, the fact is that if someone writes 12am they mean midnight, if they write 12pm they mean noon/midday. Aug 17,  · How to Tell Time in Spanish This basic lesson focuses on how to ask for and tell the time of day in Spanish, as well as expressing the days of the week.

Compared to other topics, it is fortunately one that you may be able to read through just a couple of times, and get the hang of it. Quia Web allows users to create and share online educational activities in dozens of subjects, including Spanish.

How do you say 8:15 am in spanish?

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Nothing to ask? Click here for a random, un-answered question. Alex-Learns-Spanish 05/03/ at pm. Estoy feliz de que estás de acuerdo. Lo siento por mi español, todavía estoy aprendiendo. I visited your site and what a surprise!

I am a windsurfing “aficionado”. Perhaps I will visit Tarifa and learn Spanish while windsurfing Learn How To Write Spanish; Latest Spanish Lessons / Articles.

How to write am and pm in spanish
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